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Log Viewing in Retrospect


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Hi everyone.


Retrospect Ver. 8.1 build 626.

OSX 10.6.2


My question is regarding the log in retrospect. My expectation is to see all the files that have been backed up, successfully or not. Is this not the case? Is there another area to view logs that are more complete?


My logs appear to be incomplete, not sure if this is normal for Retrospect as I am a new user.


Thanks for any feedback.

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Thanks Mayoff.


When I go to past backups, there is only 1 backup listed there. I have actually had 3 backups that I have performed. Shouldn't past backups show all three?


Also noticed I cannot browse to certain directories like /var or /etc. Is that normal? /var is where my e-mail data is. If I cant browse and or restore (havn't tried the restore yet, just saying) this is a major issue. Is there a configuration issue, or is this normal when browsing past backups?


As this topic relates to log posts, should I start a new thread RE browsing past backups, or is it ok to continue in this thread?


Thanks for any and all help. Please let me know if I need to provide more information.

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just to confirm, I cannot restore sub directories or files of /var or /etc. there is no "down arrow" beside the folders to select sub files/directories. Am wondering if my backup script is incomplete? Is there a setting to allow retrospect use root user and pass when performing a backup?


Again please let me know if you would like me to start a new post.



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Status update:


/var and /etc are actually alias's to /private/var and /private/etc.


you cannot browse to /var or /etc however browsing to the actual location of /private/ works fine.


This has been a time sink for me when all I had to do was remeber how osx structures its directories. once I get into terminal, im back to unix thought process (var and etc in the root)


hope no one spent alot of time on this.

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