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7.6 duplicate will not delete original files after move


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Retrospect 7.6 installed on Server 2003 SBS


Error = "Only 0 of 10,181 items were deleted (others were locked, in use, or not found)"

This error occurs on a duplication script with the instructions to "move files (delete after copy)"



What we are doing is grabbing files from a user computer on the network (vista and xp machines), moving them to the server, and removing the original files (delete) from the original computer.

The process does copy to the server, it does verify exact contents, but fails at deleting the original.


Also, we run this on multiple computers, and there are only 2 machines that have the issue, the others do fine.

One of the issue machines is xp and the other is vista, so it is not vista only.


To the best of my knowledge I have permissions setup correctly on the machines. I have set the files as full control for everyone.



Thank you ahead of time for your help!

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