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Rotating backup and what's the advantage


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I want to create, I think, a 7 day rotational backup based on the video. I want to create this so that each day is just my Home Folder excluding Parallels. I'm assuming that each media set backup will be an entire backup of my entire Home Folder consuming a fair bit of space. Would that be correct.


Secondly, what would you say the advantage of this rotational backup would be. To me it would be always having a history 7 days back of a file at any time. The current backup recycles at a month so therefore I'm losing all my history unless there's a way to keep that backup, let it recycle and then if need be get it.


Finally, the 7 day rotational backup I'm guessing since the video says choose no media option would then start backing up only changed files on each day after the first backup so therefore I'm guessing a history would start developing beyond 7 days. Is that right?


Would you say this is a good backup strategy to maintain a history.

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