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Trouble adding ReadyNAS share with guest permissions


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Trying to add ReadyNAS (Netgear) share with guest access.


Running Mac OS X 10.6.2 on Intel Xeon


afp://;AUTH=No%20User%20Authent@192.168.1.xxx/[sharename] mounts the share in Finder without fail.


Using this server designation in "Enter credentials to add the network share" results in "These credentials are not valid." Log shows (for example):


11/25/09 7:04:00 PM Retrospect[19746] AddSourceController::clickAddNASAdd exception: RefStorageVolumesContainer::AddSharedVolume; Credentials invalid

11/25/09 7:04:01 PM kernel ASP_TCP CancelOneRequest: cancelling slot 2 error 89 reqID 3 flags 0x9 afpCmd 0x14 so 0x225de4c8

11/25/09 7:04:01 PM kernel ASP_TCP do_thread_read: no reqInfo found for reqID 1


Many other syntaxes / permutations tried, without success.


Have used these shares for years with Retrospect 6.1.230 as Backup Set destinations(still do), but I can't get 8.1.626 to see them.


Cannot browse the share from the Shares pane.


Cannot define a folder on the share as a Favorite.


Probably doing something stupid, but have gone cross-eyed trying to figure out what. Any help appreciated!

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Using this server designation in "Enter credentials to add the network share"...


The drop-down sheet that appears at

[color:purple]Sources->Add->Add Share...[/color]

is quite different from the Finder's "Connect to Server" dialog, so it's not surprising the same syntax doesn't work in both places.


Cannot browse the share from the Shares pane.

Cannot define a folder on the share as a Favorite.

I'm confused by why you report this; a volume has to be present in the Sources list before you can even attempt to Browse or define Favorite folders; if you can't even add your NAS' volume to the list then by definition the above would be the case, yes?


Probably doing something stupid


I _seem_ to recall Robin reporting that guest access is not supported for adding network volumes to the Engine, but I'm not certain.


If that's the case I don't know if they consider that a (security) feature or a bug.



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Thanks for responding. If I just enter the server address, leaving the username and password fields blank, it responds "This volume is unavailable." This NAS share was originally set up on a Netgear box that allows what they call "Share" security mode, in which each user accesses the shares on the device as a common guest user. My other NAS use a more traditional "User" security mode that controls access based on user or group accounts, and for these the "add share" dialogue in 8.1 works fine. I previously had a bad experience changing a share on a Netgear ReadyNAS box from "Share" to "User" mode - afterwards I had to manually fool with the access control lists for quite a while to make it work again. So I'm loathe to change the security mode settings on this one particular share. For now, I'll just keep using 6.1 for this old share (~2tb), and 8.1 for everything else. The share at issue is set up as described in the Netgear user manual here: ftp://downloads.netgear.com/files/ReadyNAS_UM_19Nov07.pdf

on page 1-10, "Share Security Mode".

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