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Choosing files to backup by ticking - the method


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I've noticed that the method of ticking or unticking a file to choose it in a backup is a bit odd. It seems that if the top level folder is ticked, say my user folder, you can't untick an item located in anything below it. As an example, I have documents ticked as I want to back up all my documents except my Parallels file due to its size. Having the top level folder documents ticked won't allow me to untick the Parallels file. It seems you have to untick the top level folder documents and then go through all the files and tick what you want backed up leaving Parallels out.


To get around this, as it seems like a lot of work I just created a rule to exclude Parallels. However, the ticking option seems so logical just not in the way it seems you have to use it. Am I missing something. Have what I found the way it works. If so, does it make sense to tick things in the fashion I've found or just utilize a rule.

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Ah sorry I don't remember even having posted this. Early Alzheimers. I just joined the forum and have started using v8. So I'm in the process of creating my second series of backup sets and I ran across this again and I guess I didn't remember having asked the question from the first post.


Anyway, glad to know its just a bug as it did strike as very odd the way it was working. You can actually see it working this way in one of the videos so it didn't dawn on me it was a bug.

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