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Receiving GUI error - The provided login information is invalid

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Hello everyone. Here's my issue.


I have built a server running Windows Server 2008 R2 x64. I installed Retrospect 7.5 and applied updates bringing me up to the following version:


Single Server Disk-To-Disk, Version 7.6.123

Driver Update and Hotfix, Version


When I go to configure preferences, the option "Run Retrospect as the logged-in user" is selected. I select the option "Always run Retrospect as the specified user" and enter the appropriate user name, password, and domain information (all of which I have validated are correct and work to logon to the machine).


When clicking OK to save the preferences, I receive the message "The provided login information is invalid."


As I said, I've verified that the user logon information is correct. I have configured nothing else in Retrospect yet. FYI - I also completely uninstalled Retrospect, restarted the machine, completely reinstalled Retrospect from disk and via online updates, and have restarted. Same exact result "The provided login information is invalid."


Any ideas what the issue is? This one has me scratching my head. I cannot find anything about this in the knowledge base and haven't found anything helpful searching the web either.


Thanks in advance for any assistance anyone can provide.

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