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Crashes with 10.6.2 -- respawns with 10.5.8 (recommend not running 10.6.2)


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So, I pass this on as it "helped" me -- it may help some of you.


My setup of Retrospect (all 8.x versions) had -- under 10.5.8 -- regularly respawned the engine. I have a 4G "core2duo" mac mini as my engine machine and I run 8 proactive scripts.



For me -- under 10.5.8, the engine will crash -- generating a crashlog file -- but then would start up automatically again.



When I moved to 10.6.x -- the engine would just crash. There would be no respawning and I'd have to manually restart the engine (or reboot the engine computer.)



Over the past weeks -- under 10.6.x -- I tried about everything I could do: clean config80.dat file, reducing the number of activities that could run, etc.


I have never been able to get the Retrospect engine to stop crashing -- and as I was running 10.6.2 by now, I'd have to manually restart things.



So, on Friday, I reformatted my engine machine with 10.5.8.



I'm still generating crash logs occasionally -- but the engine is respawning again instead of crashing outright. Which is going to be "helpful" over the holiday so I can watch football instead of dialing in to restart the Retrospect engine machine.



I pass this on to those of you having similar problems (or who are considering moving to 10.6).


If you have been running Retro 8.x under 10.5.8 -- check your /library/logs/crashreporter folder. If you have a bunch of crash logs in there, I'd strongly recommend you *not* upgrade to 10.6.x until EMC has a chance to fix this issue.




- Steve

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