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updating scripts from Retrospect 6?


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I upgraded to OS 10.6.2 and retrospect 6 is clearly not very compatible.

Yep. Doesn't work. See the Snow Leopard Compatibility Statement


Unsupported Configurations


The following Retrospect configurations are unsupported with Snow Leopard, and they will remain unsupported in the future.

  • EMC Retrospect 6.1 and earlier for Mac
  • EMC Retrospect 7.5 and earlier for Windows

My question is if I upgrade to version 8, will retrospect upgrade all my scripts for backups or do I need to waste a lot of time typing them back in?

From the EMC Retrospect 8.1 Read Me:


Known issues with this release


Retrospect 8.1 cannot import configurations or read Backup Sets from versions 6.x or earlier. Clients will need to be added, and scripts will need to be scheduled anew with version 8.1. However, Retrospect 8.1 does not overwrite/remove Retrospect 6.x or earlier editions during the installation process, so users who need to count on restores from legacy Backup Sets can simply maintain their previous installation of Retrospect. Users who choose to do so should ensure that the previous version’s schedules are disabled, so that two versions of Retrospect are not trying to back up the same computers or control the same device simultaneously.




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