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Can wildcards be used in the "Pathname" selector

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Hello all,




I want to back up the Netscape bookmarks.html file in the system folder (as opposed to the stock bookmarks.html file in the Netscape folder) from a variety of networked clients.






The problem is that the immediately enclosing folder is profile name dependant, i.e. uniquely named on each computer. Can I use the PathName selector with a wildcard in this instance?






I currently use two "AND"ed constraints to narrow down the search:




exactly matches "bookmarks.html"




pathname contains "System Folder"






Many thanks in advance!

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Where I find this confusing is the two ways you can select a folder. (1) In Universal/Name and checking Folder. (2) In Windows/Path. The syntax is different and it is not clear when or where you can use wildcards and when or where you need drive letters and slashes.




Perhaps you could clarify your answer. I'm just starting to figure it out myself (thanks in part to your prior help!) and still don't have it all straight.

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