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Windows 7 question... again...


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Okay, our company has bought a couple of new Windows 7 machines. We now have the task of integrating them into our production backup...


So far I have found we can install the 107 client. We can also access the client from Retrospect in the regular fashion and we seem to be able to back up the directories we want it to backup.


We also found that restoring files from a backup isn't working reliably for Windows 7 clients. So beware of that.


Is there any news about Windows 7 compatibility updates for, at least, the Retrospect client? Are there any serious issues, besides the one I just mentioned above, with the 107 client and Windows 7 we need to know about?

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The 7.7 version of Retrospect is coming very soon. The biggest issue you will have right now is the restore of a full system may not work correctly until after the update.

Thanks Robin,

We indeed found that out during testing. Instead we restore to an external disk attached to the local server and later copy that data from that disk to the Windows 7 machine locally. Or alternatively restore to a non-Windows 7 network accessible volume.


If you know the problem, it's easy enough to avoid for the time being.

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