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Editing Media Sets


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I have a file media set that contains multiple backups, amounting few hundred gigs.

Some of the backups in media set are outdated and needs to be removed to save space and increase speed.


I dont see any option to remove specific backups or edit media sets in the retrospect console version 8.2 build 626, unless I am missing something obvious.


Please let me know.





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Thanks Robin for the fast response.


I am currently running the media-set-copy operation to copy from file to disk media.

Hopefully I can then edit the disk media set to remove the old outdated backup files.


Will also post here, if the speed improves against the disk media set.


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The disk media set has following entries under backup tab:





Client Favorite Folder-FolderA-600000

Favorite Folder-FolderA-7000000

Client Favorite Folder-FolderA-7000




I need to get rid of second entry:

Favorite Folder-FolderA-7000000




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How does one remove old backup data from a disk media set?

There are two ways, both discussed upthread.


(1) grooming


(2) an appropriate filter (rule) during transfer from one media set to another.


It's probably all explained in the manual, except that there is no manual. I suggest that you contact EMC Retrospect support and get them, in the absence of any manual, to explain how to do this. When the support burden gets high enough due to the lack of a manual, perhaps the priority of creating a manual will become higher. Here's the link:

Contact Retrospect Support



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