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Transfer Feature Not Working Properly

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Hi everyone,


We are using Retrospect Multiserver 6.5 on Windows 2003 and have run into a major issue preventing us from doing our monthly backups.


Here is how we have things laid out:


We have 5 internal Sata drives we use for 5 weeks of retention. We do a recycle on Sunday and normals every day until Saturday. We use 1 disk for each week so 5 weeks later the first disk is recycled and it starts all over again. We connect an eSata drive each morning and do a Duplicate of the current retention week and this gets taken off-site each day. This is for our disaster recovery in case the place gets robbed or burns down. We have a Transfer script set to run at the end of week 5 that is supposed to Transfer all backup sets (6 of them) from Week 1 to the Monthly disk which is a Seagate Barricuda drive in an eSata enclosure.. same as the disaster disk. All items are working great except for the Monthly script on Week5 or even manually run as well. The Transfer starts out ok but then starts getting slower and slower until it goes to a crawl where only a few files are transferred a minute. It does this with any of our 5 eSata drives and also happens for any backup set on any Week disk. The status says Please wait when it starts to crawl and a minute later a few files will transfer and then Please Wait again. It starts out fast which is the funny part and after about 120GB things start going down hill real fast. We have yet to complete a full transfer to our Monthly Disk.. or any disk for that matter. Normal backups to the Week disks plus the duplicate each day to the eSata disaster disk all work well, fast and never has a problem. I am almost thinking something is wrong with Retrospect's 6.5 Transfer feature.


I have tried updating the Storage drivers, eSata drivers and firmware and can't get any better results. Btw, Retrospect does not throw any errors in its own logs of the event viewer... it just starts moving at a crawl and basically standing still after an hour of Transferring. I checked the Task manager and the CPU is low and no extra memory is being used... I am totally at a loss to explain this.


Also, we have the latest patches installed for 6.5.


I am hoping someone here has an idea what may be happening and how to fix it.



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