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Copy Backup Vs. Copy Media Set


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Hello retrospect 8 for mac community, this is my first post.

Attempting to do a staged backup/archive disk to disk to tape. I have a problem with both 'copy backup' and 'copy media set' scripts. The problem is different for each.


Copy backup : Even though i select 'Copy All Backups' in the sources tab, i only get the most recent in the final tape backup.


Copy Media Set : resolves the 'Copy All Backups' problem, but another one rises, the activity does not appear in my past activities window. Actually it does appear, but without any details as of the date, summary, status etc.


I have 8.1.526 retrospect on a 10.5.6 OSX on quad core intel xeon machine.


Has anyone run through these kind of problems?

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I have 8.1.526 retrospect on a 10.5.6 OSX on quad core intel xeon machine.

That's an old version; there have been several updates since then to fix a plethora of bugs.


I suggest that you update your Retrospect engine and console to 8.1.626 and retest. It's really not productive to chase bugs in old versions. Updates are here:

Retrospect updates



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Copy backup media set will copy the entire set. Copy backup will give you the ability to copy the most recent version of each computer.


Thanks for the answer, but my main interrogation was on the initial post of this topic. After a few trial, i got part of my response. The activity for a 'copy media set' script finally appeared when i changed my destination media set for a smaller one (my initial destination was a 25 LTO2/4 tape media set...too big for retrospect?)


So even if 'copy media set' seems to suit my needs better, 'copy backup' still appears more reliable as i have to stick to my original media set to finish the year. The only thing is that i'm missing the old snapshots of my original backup, even if I use copy all backups method.


Also, another issue rose both from the 'copy media set' and the 'copy backup' scripts, the verification sometimes fails near the end where only a few MB (30-60MB) over a few files (10-20) remain unverified, blocking all retrospect responsiveness, as i can't stop the activity manually, can't stop the engine, and have to do a complete computer shutdown to get back the control of retrospect and LTO4 tape deck. I didn't do any search on that issue but if experienced users have some hints for me i'll take them gladly. In the meantime i'll do some research and get back to this topic if i find anything.

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Try doing a verify on the source media and see if you get a similar message. I'm guessing that these unverified files are the same or similar to the ones that are "remaining" to verify when you just verify. for example:

11/30/2009 6:06:38 PM: Execution completed successfully

Remaining: 113 files, zero KB

Completed: 152146 files, 33.0 GB


How long did you wait for retrospect engine to become responsive? It may have been doing something slow like compressing the catalog at the end of the backup.

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