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All settings are gone!


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Am I using a pre-alpha release or something!?

Not possible to answer because you haven't provided any version numbers, and it's unclear what you did to cause this situation. Did you shut the machine down cleanly? Or did you shut it down without cleanly shutting down the Retrospect engine?


You can always restore your previous settings from a backup.



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The alpha thing was rhetorical, I'm using the latest version. :) It was just a nice way to ask "wtf".


I ended up recreating everything from scratch. One of the shut-downs was not clean, that might have triggered the problem. But it's odd to have a backup software where you have to backup the configuration just to make sure... :P Daemons are supposed to be built keeping in mind that the machine may go down suddenly (power fail, crash, etc) so they should have proper recovering mechanisms.


I hope my experience with this version of Retrospect improves in the next few days, or else I'll have to setup some crazy encrypted DMG + TimeMachine scheme, as I can't stand backup software that cannot be trusted.




Miguel Arroz

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From my general observations over the many months, if you only have one hard shutdown -- it's OK (that's why the program writes a config80.bak file occasionally -- though not nearly as frequently as I think it should...)


Two major shutdowns before that .bak file is updated, though, and it seems to reset things to zero.



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