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fiber card recs?


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I have a mac pro (3,1) retro server, 2x4 2.8 ghz intel xeon. I would like to hook up one controller from an xsraid to be my media set destination. Is the apple card a safe bet for this type of config, or am I better off going third party? If so, which card works best with retro...


I would look at the compatibility list, but since retro 8, it seems like things that should work no longer do, and I trust the users of the program more so than the vendor...


Thanks in advance!

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John, I have the Apple Quad channel fibre card (http://store.apple.com/us/product/MB843G/A) and, so far, it has performed very well for me. I use it in a direct connect configuration to my HP StorageWorks library and not through a fibre switch but plan on moving that direction in the future.


System specifics:

  • Intel Xserve (10.5.8 Server, 2 x 2Ghz, Apple Raid card, 3 x 750GB Raid 5, 10GB RAM)
  • EMC Retrospect Single Server Unlimited 8.1.622
  • Apple 4Ghz 4 Port FC Card (driver 2.02)
  • Brocade 200e Fibre Channel switch (connected to Apple FC card)
  • Promise 610f 9TB (Raid 5, 4GB FC controller, connected to Brocade)
  • HP StorageWorks 4048 LTO4 dual drive w/4GB FC controller (connected to Apple FC card)


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Thanks GMR, the apple card was on my short list anyway, so glad to hear that you have had positive experiences...


Regarding SAN/switch compatibility, right now there is no plan to go down that route. However, if things change, what types of things am I looking for in order to determine compatibility?



In the past I had set up an XSAN with apple fiber cards and the qlogic sanbox 5200 and things just seemed to work. (at least on the fiber side, sometimes the xsan got glitchy, but that was due more to bandwidth, or lack thereof....


Thanks again!

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