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"Hidden" line in a Rule won't "stick"


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Dear Forum Members:

-I've already just posted this in the bug section, as this seems to be a bug to me. However, I'm posting it here, as I might be doing something wrong.


Retrospect 8.1.626 with the new engine associated with it. MacBook Pro 4,1. 10.5.8. Direct-USB connection to back up to a hard drive. I've been working on creating rules.


I'm creating a rule to back up all files that are visible. I can create a line in the rule that has "file..name...begins with... [period entered in the blank field]. I can hit Save, and that rule shows up exactly as written when I reopen that rule to continue to tweak it.


But, when I create a line in this one rule I'm working on that says "file....attributes...contains....hidden", I can hit Save to save the rule with this new line in it, but when I double-click the rule to continue to tweak it, the "hidden" pulldown has changed to "readonly". This repeats every time.


Am I doing anything wrong here, or can other posters repeat this? I've also posted it on the bug forum.


Thanks to all.



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