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Can't make bootable copy to portable HD


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Using Snow Leopard & Retrospect 8.1.626 on a Mac Pro. Trying to make a bootable copy (all files) of my primary HD to a LaCie Rugged 160Gb portable drive. Once the copy is complete and verified, the drive shows up on my desktop as locked and I cannot unlock it in the Get Info window - even though I'm the "owner" I can't change the Permissions setting from Read Only. And I cannot boot from the drive. "Ignore Ownership " is checked for the drive. The only way to regain access to the drive is to reformat it. I've made bootable copies onto a desktop external drive - any reason why I can't to this portable?

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Since upgrading to the newest version I had the same problem and figured out that before you make the bootable clone with Retrospect you need to turn off the "Ignore Ownership". To recover you will have to erase the clone using Disk Utility. After that you can uncheck "Ignore Ownership". Hopefully, that will allow you to make a bootable clone using Retrospect. As soon as mine finishes I'll know.


The problem with using other apps like CarbonCopyCloner is that some of them don't verify the files copied. In the past I have had some trouble with this. Sometimes the clone wouldn't boot and then if it did boot I wondered if any of my other files were corrupt. I don't know if SuperDuper does any verification or not.


I like the fact that Retrospect does verify the copied files. With Retrospect I have never had a clone that didn't boot (at least with prior versions). We'll see how this newer version works once I get my first bootable clone.

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