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Backup set member question

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I duplicate my archive backup set using a tape-to-tape transfer script with a dual-tape library.


Recently I had to move my Retrospect installation to another machine due to hardware failure and I wasn't able to transfer the backup scripts although I was able to save the backup set catalog files (phew!).


However I incorrectly configured the transfer script's matching options so rather than copying only the files from the most recent backup, Retrospect started copying all files again.


I stopped the script partway through when I realised what was happening but now the two backup sets are 'out of sync'. I know this doesn't strictly matter but i like to have them pretty much the same.


Rather than recreate the whole duplicate set again (6x LTO3 tapes, over 3 TB of data) I'd like to 'undo' the latest transfer and do it again. The way I would do this would be to delete the last two members from the duplicate backup set and run the transfer again.


My question is, if I delete those last two members does the relevant info get deleted from the catalog file, i.e will Retrospect know to copy from that point forward?

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only if you rebuild the catalog and mark those members as missing.


Or, since you indicate you have saved versions of the backup set catalogs, you could work from those, update the catalogs (rather than have to rebuild the whole mess) and not supply the two members.


Note that you can also get back your scripts, preferences, etc., by restoring from a backup of the old system (or getting from the old system) the config75.dat file.



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