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Needs media?

Flying Ed

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Hi there.

i'm a newbie who desperately needs assistance PLEASE!

I have just purchased Retrospect 8 for Mac for the sole purpose of backing up my LARGE iTunes library of 6.5TB[!]

It contains 185,000.00 AIFF files.

I can't get past stage one and i can't quite figure out why.

My scenario:

Source drive is Lacie 5Big 10TB NAS.

Destination is Drobo Pro currently at 10TB dual disc redundant.

Set up first back up following step by step prompts, no problem.

Scans NAS, approx 30 minutes but soon as it says executing transfer it flashes up question mark saying needs media.

I have previously selected this as the member[ 1 only member].

What ami doing wrong?

The Drobo Pro is absolutely empty, no data, verified ready to rock.

Am i missing something here guys?



Flying Ed.

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What version of Retrospect 8.x (both engine and console versions needed) do you have?


There was an update yesterday to fix a bug that occurs if your destination is >= 8 TB, and it sounds like you are hitting exactly this bug.


See the release notes for Retrospect 8.1.626, and do the update. The release notes have instructions on what you need to do to your big volumes.



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