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wait to update to SL before 8.1?


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Should I upgrade to 8.1 before I upgrade to Snow Leopard? I'm currently running 6.1.230 and it's working fine so I don't have any need at this point for the upgrade.


I have an Atto UL5D LP adapter with a couple Sony SDX-500c tape drives, any issues associated with Retro 8.1 and SL with this setup, or things to pay attention to when upgrading?


I'm not ready to upgrade until Apple release at least one more bug fix, so I do have some time.



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>wait until next week


that's easy, I'm not in a rush. I'm just slowly getting the bits and pieces together. It seems like SL caused problems with everything I've got, esata interface, Adobe PS etc. so I'll be on the side lines for a little while just gathering updates.


I'm not actually convinced I need SL.


thanks again.

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ok.... I've been really patient and it's almost spring, I've been waiting for Retrospect to upgrade to SL so I have a couple questions. My backup is fairly simple a single desktop with a couple AIT2 drives via an Atto UL5D LP.


what should I do, install SL and :


1. use Retro 6.x?

2. Install 8.1 and continue to use 6.x for older tapes?

3. don't upgrade to SL and continue to wait for the next update?


thanks again for your help



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So if I do continue to wait the question that I have is will Retro 6.1 work under SL?

Define "work". Does that mean a backup that you will be able to restore to a SL machine and end up with what you had before? No.


See the Snow Leopard Compatibility Statement.


Retrospect 6.x is unsupported with Snow Leopard. Doesn't work. Broken. Will never work. No updates will be provided to make it work.



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I think there is still a plan for Retro 8 to read (but never write to) Retro 6 sets. When that will happen is anybody's guess.



The one problem I had with Retro 8.1 under SL was that if the engine *crashes* under SL, it will not respawn the process.


It will under Leopard, though.



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04-02-09 02:29 PM - Post#119544

With our planned update Retrospect 8 will be able to read older backup sets. We didn't want to delay the 8.0 release an extra month or two while we worked on the translation filters for this older data.


I'm hopeful too, but as you can see the post above is almost 1 year old...

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