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Copying Onsite backups offsite over Internet


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I'm half way through implimenting data duplication between two netgear ReadyNAS boxes over rsync.


i.e. Retrospect backs up as per normal to backup sets on the office NAS storage box and then after the nights server backups complete a syncronisation kicks off and duplicates the backups sets to the offsite NAS box.


This second NAS box (for now) is likely to be hosted at my house, where I have a 10Mb link.


As rsync only copies over delta file changes, the backups should be relatively small - not to mention it compresses the transmitted data and can run over SSH so no VPN link is required.


However, I'm concerned about the way in which Retrospect writes it data (600MB blocks), which might cause me problems in practice. If it does, Retrospect might be ditched for a full rsync client > server solution.



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If it does, Retrospect might be ditched for a full rsync client > server solution.

Carefully test the metadata if you go that route. rsync has issues on some platforms with preservation of metadata. That's why Retrospect (not that it's perfect) uses its database containers rather than file replication to preserve metadata.


If metadata doesn't matter to you (it does to us), then rsync will preserve the file data fine.


Also test what happens when Retrospect does its grooming thing, if you are set up to groom. Lots of stuff happens within those 600 MB backup set members when grooming occurs and the database is compressed.



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