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Major malfunction


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It's probably too late, but...


When this happens, *immediately* get a copy of your config80.bak file -- this still has your stuff in it and you can usually rename it to "config80.dat" and replace the "empty" one with that and move forward.


But if you've opened/quit/restarted the engine a couple of times since that, you'll have to restore your "config80.dat" file from backup.


- Steve

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Speaking of restoring the config file from backup...


I find it odd that one must define a script themselves to backup this most critical file, as well as define a script to restore it later. This seems like something that should be built into the Console application, one pre-built script that just backs up the config file. Granted, it's playing nice by generating .BAK files as we go along, but how hard would it be to just include this script as a default, or even an option to be chosen during install? I.e. as you finish installing the Console, a "wizard" asks you if you want to set up a config backup script.


Or perhaps it doesn't even need to be a script, displayed along with other scripts - just have it be a menu option, to restore the config to a previous state, which really just means invoking a built-in restore script. Considering how many times I've seen folks complaining about messed up scripts and configs here, such a feature would cover for a lot of goofs.

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Okay, the .bak did not work. Since my internal HD failed I booted off my cloned external. I launched Retrospect and the same thing happened. I had 3 separate backups configured with one of them approaching 3TB. Is there any way to just bite the bullet and enter the license code to start over with Retrospect but still have access to all of the files I had previously backed up?

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There are two ways I know of to resolve "needs media" issues. One can be faster than the other:


1) select the media set, click on the "pencil" icon and edit the member. Select the drive/folder housing your "Retrospect" folder containing your media set members and hit "save". That usually reestablishes the setup.


2) Rebuild the catalog file.



#1 is something to try first as it's a quick fix and doesn't hurt anything.


#2 usually always works, though -- but won't work now because of the DST bug prohibiting catalog rebuilds for password-protected media sets.

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