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Restoring from older point in time backups


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I'm having a couple of issues with restoring from an older backup. The first is a functionality question, while the second may be a bug. In both of the following, I'm starting from the Restore Assistant.


Issue 1: When selecting a restore point, I can see all my most recent backups and am able to restore from them. When I click the "More Backups" button, I get a list of older restore points with date and time, volume names, and number of files. Unfortunately, most of my clients have the default "Macintosh HD" for volume name, so I can't identify the client I want to restore. Is it possible to see client names for older restore points?


With some triangulation of backup date and time from my activity log, I can guess at which one I want, but then I'm at ...


Issue 2: When I select a backup from the "More Backups" window and hit the "Retrieve" button, it sits for 10-20 seconds, then that window closes, leaving me back at the main "Select Backup" screen with the "Continue" button still gray.


Any help anyone can offer would be most appreciated.


I'm running 8.1 build 622 on a 2 GHz dual-core Xeon Xserve with 2 Gb of RAM and running OS X Server 10.5.8. I run the console remotely on a dual core Mac Pro.

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Does the activity>history or log show an entry for the retrieve of the older restore points?



You mean looking at past activities? No nothing there, although I don't really get as far as starting a restore since I can't seem to select the desired snapshot.

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