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unable to see sources? possible fix


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I was having problems seeing my sources, and I traced it down to the firewall (leopard clients). I have the radio button selected that says "set access for specific services and applications", and retroclient is present. However, the source still does not appear in the console. I cannot scan port 497 from the network utility on another machine. Disabling "stealth mode" seemed to fix the problem on 10.5.8 (I don't seem to have this problem as frequently on previous versions of the OS). This affects the latest version of the retro client, 6.3.027, I believe. 6.2.234 behaved better (i.e. it didn't hate stealth mode)...


I have not extensively tested this as to which client version and which os version this affects, but at this site, the problem seemed to manifest itself on OS 10.5.8 and retro 6.3.027...


Hope this helps someone else...


Please follow up if you are having similar problems....



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Every time I restart my Retrospect server when I try to "Add" a Source nothing shows up. I have to "Stop" the Retrospect engine, then "Start" it again. All my sources show up. Very consistent. It's done this will all my versions... now at Console 8.1.622 and what ever the Oct 9th, 2009 Engine version is.



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