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Waiting for Media Hang on Retrospect 8.1

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I recently upgraded (august 09) to Retrospect 8.1 and did a brand new clean back up to a WD 1TB Hard Drive that I bought new. That seemed to work flawlessly. Oh - Mac Power PC G5, Quad running Mac OS X - 10.5.8 (And the MyBook hard drive still has about 755 GB available and it's staying mounted in the process here)


I just tried to do an incremental back up (just clicking the 'back up' button and go through the steps it makes me go through. After about an hour and a half I came back to check on it and the little media icon with a question mark over it was flashing next to the line in Activities window. Down below the Status said: Needs Media and the Details (at the bottom) said 'Remaining 63,779 files 20.1 GB. I tried it again overnight and although the file count was slightly different by 17 files, the 20.1 GB was the same.


I just want to do a simple manual incremental back up - no scripts or servers. The hard drive is connected right to my tower with firewire. I tried clicking on the media button and there are Two versions of the hard drive - tried Adding and now there is more stuff nested in the Retrospect folder. I'm afraid to mess this up. Thanks in advance.

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