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Can't add server to console


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Hi, as part of my Retrospect 8 trial, I am trying to control two Retrospect servers with the one console. One server resides on the local computer, the other on another computer. The network runs with a Time Capsule router; computers get their IP addresses via DHCP. I have a trial licence key which I have entered into each computer via a Retrospect console on each individual machine.


I am trying to add Retrospect server on computer #2 to the console on computer #1. For "Server Address", I have tried inputting the "Server name" that is in computer #2's preferences. Even with the correct password, computer #1 closes the window & doesn't add anything to the computer.


If I try adding computer #2's IP address instead, I get a new server on the sidebar with the IP address with an icon with a wavy line. "Not connected" shows in the main window.


What am I doing wrong?

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Yes, same licence code initially. I then applied & received another licence code 'cos I was thinking along the same lines as you. I put the new code in but couldn't figure out a way to remove the old code, so both codes showed up side by side. Still not working.

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Yes, that's possible. The built-in Mac OS X firewall may have been doing something. Surprisingly, if that were the case, I would have expected this issue to have been brought up by someone else previously.


In any case, I'm not testing this any further. The corruption to a backup media set that I've discussed in another thread here (along with other instances unexplained Retrospect engine activity associated with freezing of the engine & console that I have experienced) have meant that I don't think Retrospect 8 is for me at the moment. I am going to a CCC/Chronosync type backup solution for now until the product is more mature.

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