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Information Lost for Activities, Past Backups, Scripts, and Media Sets


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Today, when I started Retrospect 8, it asked me to type in my license code, as if I had just purchased or upgraded to Retrospect 8. Neither was true. I typed in the license code that I had from the original purchase, and Retrospect started up. However, the windows for Activities, Past Backups, Scripts, and Media Sets are now blank. The Sources window does show my local hard disk and locally mounted volumes, but not the other computer on my local network. Is there a reason why this happened, and is there any way to restore the information that was lost?



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When I select Retrospect: About Retrospect, is says the version is 8.1.622. I don't know how to distinguish between the console and the engine. I do backup everything on my computer. If someone can tell me where the preference file is located, I can restore it from the most recent backup.

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I managed to restore the Media Sets from the catalog, and that also automatically restored the data base for Past Backups. I had to manually recreate the backup scripts and restore one of the Sources (the other computer on my local home network). That wasn't too bad. I think everything is working again. But I am concerned that this can happen again.

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Well, at the risk of beating a dead horse, that information should be in the Users Guide documentation, which doesn't exist.


However, it can be inferred from the Read Me for Retrospect 8.1:

EMC Retrospect 8.1 Read Me


The Uninstaller preserves Config files (which contain the database of logged-in clients, scripts and schedules, and general Retrospect engine preferences), the Retrospect console’s preferences, and all Media Set Catalog files (which keep track of what files are backed up to each Media Set). If you instead want to completely remove all of these settings and Catalogs, delete the following files and folders:


/Library/Application Support/Retrospect/Catalogs/


/Library/Application Support/Retrospect/Config80.bak


[color:red]/Library/Application Support/Retrospect/Config80.dat[/color]



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