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"Sorry, No Tape Stoarge Devices Found." This is my problem

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Ok, so we have been using retrospect 6 forever. We have tons of files all backed up.


We heard about version 8 and downloaded the free trial. We were excited, until we realized there was no backwards compatibility and all the hard work we put into 6 would not be imported into 8. So, we decided against the upgrade and deleted our free trial. We decided to stay with 6.


Since that day our version 6 won't find our tape drive. It says, "Sorry, no tape storage device found".


I checked for updated drivers.


The tape drive is in my "About this Mac"

Ready to go.


It's turned on. Any help or any ideas?


It's an Ultrium 3 Quantum drive.


It's had no problems with Retrospect before and WAS recognized by the 8.0 version.

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I figured it out after going though post after old post.


So, if this is happening to you.


1) Go into your System Preferences


2) There is a Retrospect 8 cube


3) Turn off what it's running.


4) Delete that Motha


5) Restart 6 and keep on rockin'.



Thank God I got 8 off my computer! It is completely and udderly insane to not have backwards compatibility on a new version of a program.


It's like, "Hey! Remember all those files you backed up so you could get to them later on? Well, forget about 'em BECAUSE WE HAVE A BRAND SPANKIN' NEW PROGRAM! Now if you want to look at old files you use the old version and when you want to look at new ones use the NEW VERSION! TWO IS BETTER THAN ONE! LET'S MAKE LIFE CONFUSING TOGETHER WITH RETROSPECT!"


Or that's just my personal interpretation.

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