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Can't restore older backups

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Just wanted to clarify - do you use multiple media sets and if so, did it happen to only one of them?

I use multiple media sets, also of different types, disk and tape. And it has happened on all media sets

Would be great to find out whether the glitch happens on the media set level (so the way around it would be to create a backup copy of the media set straight after a successful backup) or on the catalog level (again, to create a copy of the catalog and hope that one of them won't go wrong).

The bug is clearly there. And it's a critical one as it completely defeats the purpose of the software.



I think the glitch is @ the server level. Later today I will copy the media sets to another mac and try from there



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Rather than hijacking this thread that has nothing to do with your Retrospect 6 question, why don't you respond to some of the information requests I made to you over four months ago in your earlier thread in the Retrospect 6.x forum?


meangus thread on same problem, four months ago


It truly sounds like you have a hardware problem, not a Retrospect problem. If Retrospect can't see the drive, there is no hope.




Responses have been made. Your turn.


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