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what is a "backup set"

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I've read through the manuals and knowledge base on backup sets. The term seems vague to me and I don't think it's explained well, so I'm asking what is a backup set?




Is a backup set a catalog of one tape, many tapes, many servers, one server?




Maybe an exmaple will help...


What I am looking to do, is create a simple backup strategy to have 4 weeks of retention with 5 tapes.




Tape names: Week 1-Full , Week 2-Full , Incremental




For the current week, a full backup is performed on Sun to tape "Week 1-FULL". After that an incremental runs on Mon-Fri and is put on tape "Incremental". When the week is over, the week 1 tape is put aside and Week two is put in, which gets a full backup and the same "Incremental" tape is used over again. This goes on for each week in the month.




Now, how many backup sets do i need for this, or are there a few ways to acomplish this task?









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Think of a backupset as your entire backup.


It includes your catalog file (the list of the files that you have backed up), all the media that was used to save your data, and snapshots - pictures of the source at the time of backup so that Retrospect can restore your data back to what it was.




It sounds like you are doing a 5 day rotation or 6 day rotation scheme.


http://www.dantz.com/index.php3?SCREEN=tutorials can help you with this!





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