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error -530

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We have had daily -519, -530 and -541 problems all resulting on no backups. We were using a server with 4 nics, each with it's own ip address on a single subnet. The following appears to have resolved most if not all of this running EMC Retrospect on a Windows 2008 server. If your server has more than 1 nic per sub-net, try the following on the server. Network settings, Internet Protocol Version 4(TCP/IPv4, advanced tab, on interface 1 usually where the default gateway is set, uncheck automatic metric and set it to 10. Set the metric on interface 2 to 20, metric to 30 on interface 3, metric to 40 on interface 4 etc. This will cause windows to route any traffic not bound to a specific interface to the interface with the lowest metric. When multiple network interfaces operate on the same sub-net using the default metric of 10, windows can route upd or tcp traffic onto any of the 4 interfaces. This I believe is how clients hear the server communicating on more than 1 interface which leads the client to spawn a second listener thread. Once that has happened, -519, -530 and -541 errors until the client is restarted. No guarantee on this but I would be interested on feedback on this issue. It has been a major problem here. This appears to have helped in resolving client connection link lost, disconnection, client not found, etc. issues. I'm not absolutely convinced this is the FIX, but try it and let me know. I haven't seen a -519, -530, -541 error in over 10 days since I implemented this on our server. If it helps everyone, then I will believe it is fixed. Feedback welcome.

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