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Blind to CD device

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2nd posting of this message...still haven't gotten any help. I am a new RE user (have 4.3) and am on a Mac G4 Tower with OS 9.1. My CD-RW built-in is not being recognized by RE. I have done everything I can think of (downloaded the Drive updater, tried it with extensions off, etc) and am pretty exasperated. I am running a PowerMac G4 with 667 MHz processor; 256 MB RAM and 60 GB hard drive. CD-RW is the std built-in for this (SONY; CRX140E is the device model, which seems to be on your list of compatible drives.) with a 1.4.5 driver. I can write to CD from iTunes, but don't see a default to turn this off. Does this need to be disabled and how?


Help appreciated.

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From the hardware search engine page for your device:




Required files on Macintosh OS 9.1 (minimum):




-Retrospect 4.3


-Retrospect Driver Update 2. 2 (minimum)


-Retrospect SDAP Support extension version 1.2


-Toast CD Reader 5.0.x




** If you are using this option and running OS 9.2.1 disable the following extensions:




-Apple CD/DVD Driver version 1.4.7


-SDAP Authoring Support version 1.2








Required files on Macintosh OS 9.2.x:




-Retrospect 4.3


-Retrospect Driver Update 2.2 (minimum)


-Retrospect SDAP Support extension version 1.2




-The Authoring Support Update Extensions:




A) Apple CD/DVD Driver version 1.4.7


B) SDAP Authoring Support version 1.2


C) Apple Packet Media Access version 1.0.1






Try booting your computer with only the required extensions.

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