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cant quit gracefully - ruins tape

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Retrospect is running as a background process and needs operator attention. (according to the email I get)


I log in and launch Retrospect and give it the ok to quit the background instance, buts it sits there with a gray box saying it's waiting for the other instance to quit. Only, it never quits since the instance is waiting for a response.


The problem is, if I were to force Retrospect to quit using the task manager, the tape is not closed properly. No EOT or EOF is marked on the tape, and this ruins the tape for further use until its reformatted. The reason being Retrospect will later try to locate to the end of the tape and never find the end.


I can reformat the tape, but it can be 300+ gigs of data, and hours of time lost. Anyone know a way to repair a tape in this condition?


Or better yet, can Retrospect be forced to close the tape after each script is run?


I have Retrospect set to quit after each use, but it doesnt seem to respect that setting...

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This is with Retrospect 7.6 on SBS 2003 Server. But I have had this problem with DLT-V4 tape drives for years. With many different Windows OSes, and with different versions of backup programs including Backup Exec and Retrospect. And I would suspect its true of other tapes drives as well:


If the drive isn’t closed properly after a backup, the EOT mark isn’t placed, and the next attempt to use the tape causes it to seek forever. And in Retrospect's case, this ends with an error about loss of communication with the drive.


If Retrospect has used the tape drive during a session, but hasn’t quit before executing the next scheduled backup, the tape doesn’t get closed.


Most of the time, this isn’t even a problem because everything goes smoothly, and Retrospect does its thing, and the tape gets closed, and months go by. And you have good backups.


It's just when theres trouble like a power outage, a system crash, or when it runs as a background process and Retrospect stops to ask for something that requires operator input, forcing me to end the task to gain access to Retrospect again. It’s at those times, that the tape's data is in jeopardy.


On my home workstation, with a DLT-V4 on Windows XP, I get around it by having Retrospect eject the tape at the end of the backup. This forces closing.


But this isnt possible on remote servers beacuse I'm not there to push the tape back in.


Retrospect needs a 'close tape' option at the end of backup scripts.


I wonder if rebooting the server will cause Retrospect to signal the drive to close...


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