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Retrospect Helper Service


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Since I installed Retrospect 6.0 [upgrade from 5.6] there is a small screen that comes up each time the system is booted. It is labeled 'Retrospect Helper Service'. The screen says it is updating the registry, deleting temp file and updating meta data.




What is this and what is it doing?





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The Retrospect Helper Service is used in the event of a Windows 2000 or XP registry


restore. After executing an initial restore, the Retrospect Helper Service will ask you to boot up in registry restore mode so that the restore can complete. The Helper Service then completes the restore of the Windows 2000 and XP "System State" data. The service may not necessarily be installed or turned on all the time or on all computers.




Retrospect only uses the helper service during the Windows 2000 and XP restore process.




That you are regularly seeing this message, without having a failed system restore, could indicate a corruption in the program. Try uninstalling Retrospect, rebooting and install Retrospect 6.0 directly (do not upgrade 5.6).



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