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Error 102 - Trouble Communicating

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Some more details could increase your chance of getting your question answered correctly.


- What kind of tape drive are you using?

- What kind of bus is it connected to?

- What did you already try to solve the issue?


My guess is your problem might be bus termination related in case you use an external SCSI tape drive. See: http://www.pcguide.com/ref/hdd/if/scsi/cablesTermination-c.html


Or the tape used is defective/worn out, so replace with a new tape.


Another possibility is tape drive's head has become magnetised. If the drive has been used extensively that can happen. You need to insert a special cleaning tape which will get rid of such magnetism. Interesting read with information on how often you should do this: http://www.intel.com/support/storageexpress/sb/cs-011780.htm

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This error is a hardware error with the drive, and won't be caused by a magnetized head, dirty head, bad tape, etc.


It could be caused by an HBA issue (SCSI card, cables, etc.), but this still is a hardware issue.


I'd suggest checking to see that your HBA firmware is up-to-date, that your HBA drivers are up-to-date, that your tape drive firmware is up-to-date, and then run some diagnostics on the drive using the drive manufacturer's diagnostics.


Unless the drive passes its diagnostics, there's no hope for Retrospect to talk to it.



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