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RE can't append to Set on Time Capsule


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I have an Apple 1TB Time Capsule Version 7.4.2 and I'm running Retrospect Express Backup OEM Express Version 6.0.222, OEM Edition on my Windows XP machine (which used to backup to a Maxtor OneTouch drive until it died). I thought I'd try to backup to the TC, but I'm having a problem.


I have one Data partition on the TC and it is mounted as the Z:\ drive on WinXP.


RE was able to create the backup set and was able to do the first backup, but it can't seem to append to the Backup Set on the next backup cycle.


When it begins the second run, I get a window saying:


Backup Set A

Please select the Backup Set member:

Name: 1-Backup Set A on Data

If disk is unavailable, please click Choices.

(All data will probably fit on this disk)


I'm able to see the Backup Set if I use Windows File Explorer. The catalog and directory structure are there and there are several backup segments in the first "full" backup set. It is as though RE is stuck waiting for the Backup Set to become available, but the backup set is there and seems to be available.


If I click Choices, it says:


Media choices...

Retrospect is waiting to append data to member 1-Backup Set A. You may start writing to a

new disk using one of the following options.


* Missing Ignore this member, copy its files again at next backup

* Skip Copy to a new member, ignoring remaining space on this member


If I try to do a file action (like rename) on the Backup Set A.rbc file XP says:


Error Renaming File or Folder

Cannot rename Backup Set A: It is being used by another person or program.

Close any programs that might be using the file and try again.


Which is expected as the RE program most likely has this catalog file open and is using it, but why can't it see that the directory structure is there and is available.


Even if I restart the Time Capsule and restart the XP machine, it still can't append to the file.


Has anyone seen this problem before?

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