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Groom ALWAYS gets -2241 error?


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I've read the threads. I've monkeyed and tinkered.


Bottom line: for one of our backup drives, I have rebuilt the catalog a half-dozen times now, and EVERY time, when I groom (right after the catalog rebuild), I get error -2241.


I don't get this on our other backup sets.


Clearly, there's some kind of bug in groom.


How can I help diagnose this?

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I don't see Robin say "half the time" ;) Not sure too which version was applicable at that time. We use 7.6.123.


We do a lot of grooming and a have a lot of data to manage (many TB's). We either use the default policy or a fixed 10 or less days policy.


On our three different Retrospect servers this works fine. But in case one acts up, we always use at least an A and a B set, so we can Recycle one when needed and still having a working set left.


Mind you, I'm not saying you don't have the problem...

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