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Am I Crazy? R Disappears

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I was casually riding my Mac system drive of some baggage. I know what I'm doing here (I thought). But when I when back to check it Retrospect had vanished! (4.1). I couildn't believe it the whole folder had just vanished. When I reinstalled the application, my storage sets were listed but there was no data in them. So all my backup "snapshots" were gone. I was horrified as you can imagine.




Then today I was doing the same thing on our other Mac--being extra careful not to touch the "Retrospect Folder" but lo and hehold that RT folder disappeared also and now I'm in the same boat with all its data files. Names are there but no "snapshot" info. I knew there was some problem with 4.1 "expiring" but I hadn't heard it would just flat disapper!




I searched with "undelete" and found nothing even resembling a Retrospect folder--like it was never there--and I had done backups with it that very morning. But it's gone now. I can't figure it out. And where are the "ghost" storage set names coming from? It looks just like what I used to access but no "snapshots."




I hope someone else can tell me I'm not crazy and/or careless. I'm positive I never touched a Retrospect folder in either case. What happened?




Is there any way to find this data somewhere on the hard drive?




Is 4.3 any better? We're running OS 8.6 on 9600's so we probably can't upgrade to 5.0 but we'd sure like to keep REtrospect from disappearing in the future!




Thanks for any help!

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Use a disk utility on the drive to check the overall health of the system. It may be that another program or utility is making files invisible. Retrospect does not have the ability to move or make its own program folder invisible to the user. You can use Sherlock to search for invisible files on the drive through a Custom search / Advanced Options. I don't recall whether these options are available under OS 8.6. If not, you may want to try a third party utility which searches for invisible files.




The expiration date on Retrospect 4.1 only displays a warning about the clock time being "off" and would not affect any functionality in the program. You can download the patch from: ftp://ftp.dantz.com/pub/updates/retro_clock_update.hqx

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