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Bad Storageset Headers... Redux

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One of our Clients, Funk/Levis, is consistently receiving Bad Backup Set Header errors when backing up a mirrored IDE RAID array ((2) 80 GB IDE hard drives mirrored using the RAID option in Apple's OS X Disk Utility) to a SCSI AIT drive. Here are the Configuration Details:






-Adaptec 29160 Card W/Apple Supplied driver


-OS X Server 10.1.5


-Retrospect Workgroup Update to 5.0.205


-Driver update 2.8


-Sonnet Tempo Ultra ATA100 PCI Card (used with two 80GB IDE hard drives to create a mirrored RAID array)


-LaCie AIT Drive (Sony SDX-400C, version 702, AIT DC5.01)


-The tape drive is the only device on the chain, is set to # 6 and terminated properly.




1) Here is what I have done. I recreated new storagesets and reformatted all of the tapes - the errors continued.


2) I read the technote about the Adaptec driver issue, so I removed the newer driver (like 1.1 or 1.2 I think) and installed the Apple 29160 driver that came with OS X (version 1.0 - I believe) - errors continued.


3) Tried another cable - errors continued


4) A week ago, the mechanism died in the Tape drive, LaCie sent us a brand new one. The errors continued with a new drive.




This card and drive combination was used on a Beige G3 running Mac OS 9 and Retrospect 4.3 without any problems. I am beginneing to think that it is a SCSI card issue, and would like to try an ATTO card (especially in light of the problems people have been experiencing with Adaptec Cards and OS X). I hate to do this on the customer's dime, but at this point I think this may be the only solution. Do you have any ideas??? Have you had fewer problems with ATTO SCSI cards under OS X than with Adaptec cards???




Any advice you could provide would be great!!









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