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Newest Mac client for Server7.0

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What is the newest Mac OS X client I can use with MultiServer 7.0 on Windows. I'm having issues with VERY slow backups from Macs and I want to be certain that I'm using the newest client I can.


I'm currently using 6.1.130.


I found 6.2.234 but can't seem to install it on my test machine, is that because I'm using Retrospect MultiServer 7.0 or is that an issue with my test machine being OS X 10.3?


Thank you for the help.

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We are using the Mac client version 6.2.234 with Multi Server 7.6.123. All Mac clients run OSX Leopard 10.5.7. On our gigabit network all our Mac clients perform around 1200MB per minute.


As far as I know you need Multi Server 7.6 to use the 6.2.234 client. 6.1.130 is the highest version client you can use up to Multi Server 7.5.


I recall (it's a while ago) I was glad I upgraded from 7.0/7.5 to 7.6. We have way less problems and working grooming. I can only recommend the upgrade, but remember 8.0 should be around the corner. Than again, if you have serious problems now, you might not want to wait for an unspecified time.

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