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I'm trying to get my wireless laptop clients on to my Retrospect server and I've noticed that the client control panel says "problem w/ IP" on start-up. I think the problem is that the wireless client takes a while to see the network during boot and it's during this period that Retrospect is starting up.




When I try to open the client, all the various options are greyed out and there's just an error message saying that it can't get an IP address.




Is there a way to get the client to turn itself on again once the IP address has been allocated from my DHCP server? Right now, all my student laptops would have to be hardwired into the ethernet for the server to see them, but they are normally wandering around wireless.





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I'm assuming this is a Windows client and W2K or greater?




If so the following commands, which can easily be made a batch file, will restart the Retrospect client service.






This command stops the client service:




net stop "Retrospect Client"




This command starts the client service.




net start "Retrospect Cleint"

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