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Cannot start retrospect


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Dear Retrospect representative.


I am having problems launching retrospect 7.5 on Windows 2003 server. Each time I try to launch Retrospect, I get the message "Retrospect is already in use. Another user on the Computer is running Retrospect. Only one user at a time can run Retrospect. Select OK to exit Retrospect and run it on this Session. The execution in progress will be stopped and will not run again until the next scheduled time. It may also take a while before it stops."


When I press OK, I get the grey box with message "Waiting for other instance to exit.†With a small dot progress indicator on the top left corner of the grey box. This grey box never disappears although I left if for 3 hours.


Now, I know that there are no other sessions running on the Windows 2003 Server as I have restarted it many times and the problem persisted.

I tried to resolve this by ending the retrospect.exe process from the task manager and re –launching Retrospect. This did not work either.


I have no way of accessing Retrospect scripts or do any backups.


I hope the Retrospect Tech Support people could look into this problem.




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