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Backup failed...


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I just upgraded from Retro Express 5.6 to Retro 6.0. The first backup I did afterward (a continuation to my existing backup set) was in the camparing stage when I realized I hadn't disabled my screensaver...so, I paused Retro. and disabled my screensaver, went back to Retro. and clicked on continue (or whatever it says), and I got the error-100 (device rejected command), and was told that the backup had failed. Because it was on the compare part of the backup I'm thinking it's okay. I went ahead and did another backup right after that and of course there were only 2 or 3 files to backup, but all went well. Do you think I should start a whole new backup set because of that error or just continue on? I have 15 members to my backup set (15 CD's) right now. Thanx for whatever help anyone can give me. Meri

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