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Retrospect Server quits..

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Hi we have a retrospect server 6.0 that is running fine under Intel Mac OS X server 10.5.7 for more than a month. Just this week all the duplicate scripts where unsuccessful due to retrospect server just quit when its scanning files and folders or while in the middle of copying files.


I have search the forum on how to solve retrospect quitting or crashing and have found two tips/suggestions


1. Disable ACL copy when copying/duplicating

2. re-create Retro.config by deleting or dragging it to another location.


However I have done this two tricks but still Retrospect Server Quits by itself and leaving the duplicate backup unsuccessful


I have recently installed a REV drive device on the server running on FW but I do not think that would cause the quitting of Retro App (I maybe wrong here). Also after the installation of REV drive the Retrospect was able to succesfully perform a duplicate backup.


The files are around 342,150 and 52,146 folders to be exact. Are these files and folders too many already? What number of files that Retrospect can handle?


Anyone have ideas on how to solve this? I am stuck already and the worst thing is that we do not have complete backup as the duplicate will delete first the backup then performs the copy and sadly Retrospect quits in the middle while duplicating. I have not restarted the server yet and have not disconnected the REV drive but will do tomorrow if the server is free of users connecting.


Help Please...

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an update..


in our console logs I have a lot of these before the crash of retrospect


0x0-0x2fe2fe].AuthenticateUser Retrospect(35113,0xa07c3820) malloc: *** error for object 0x191690: incorrect checksum for freed object - object was probably modified after being freed.



[0x0-0x2fe2fe].AuthenticateUser *** set a breakpoint in malloc_error_break to debug


it seems problem on authenticating.. our retrospect does not have security enabled when run.


anyone have any ideas?

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