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PLease please help

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I need to provide a 30 day backup schedule. I could simple have to backup sets and switch between the two on a 30 day schedule, with a recycle backup at the begining of each 30 day set.....




But here's the problem.. What if one user goes on vacation for 30 days and the client computer is off for 30 days? At this point I will have no data for that particular client as the recycle backup would have nuked it.....




Is there anyway to get around this?

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We have a large scale data backup initiative here... If I have no way of managing what files are archived, my backup archives will swell and swell.....




So the most straight forward way to adress this is to tell our client, "we will garruntee to maintain your data for 30 days"... We're not providing and archiving sercive, only a backup service..




So If I decide that I only want to backup 30 days worth of data, what is the best way to do it?




It seems like there has to be a better answer to the problem then "start over when it gets to big or your files are too old". This philosphy doesnt help maintain a small network foot print either, if you are constantly backing up data that you really already have backed up just because its not being managed efficiently on the back end...




Please help me out.. It seems like I must be able to maintain a 30 day archive without having to waste half of my hard disk space with duplicate archives and nearly double my network bandwidth.....




These two factors are major concerns in the backup/network industry. Dantz must have a workable solution for this.




THank you so much for any help on this matter, its really appreciated =)







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Retrospect is designed to do incremental backups - meaning we will not backup the exact same file twice to an existing backup set. However, if you are using the Archive feature, all matching is turned off by default. You very well may have multiple copies of the same file in your backup.




I'm having a difficult time wrapping my mind around your goals. Here's what I think I understand from your posts:




-Backing up to hard drive


-Limited space available


-You want to maintain 30 days worth of data, yet if someone goes on vacation for 30 days, you want to somehow keep _their_ data for more then 30 days




I would recommend doing Recycle Backups monthly, and Incremental backups throughout the month. Hard drive space permitting, you may want to keep two backup sets and rotate them monthly. That would give you 2 months of backup, and not compromise the data of someone who may go on vacation for a month. If you recycle one set, you'd still have the data from the previous month available.




In reply to:

Dantz must have a workable solution for this.

Yes - it's an incremental backup which only backs up the entire drive initially, and then only new or changed files.





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Thank you for the help here, I appreciate your effort. As it stands I have done exactly what you have suggested, as I find it to be the most reasonable solution... However, it means that I have to effectively double the size of my backup archives and double the amount of network activity. In times where network professionals are trying to get the most out of server space and reduce network footprints of various application I find this application to be very inefficient...




It would be soooo helpful if there was some way to edit the backup set on the hard disk and create scripts which would do this on a daily basis... for instance, "delete files > 30 old, do not delete if there is not a newer version of this document which is < 30 days old"... I guess that would be the rule...




We already have redundancy built into the system, so keeping an entire copy of an older backup set is really the least efficient way of going about it.




I think you have a good fealing for what I am trying to do... We are just running into a limitation of the software to manage data..




thanks for the help,



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