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Accessing Backup

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I have been trying to access a past backup for about the last 30 minutes. This is the third time ive tried, i have restarted the engine, rebooted the machine, and all no luck. Is there a way to check if its really still accessing or if it's never going to access.


I did notice that when retrospect backed up this particular folder it took a long time to "match" to my raid. Could this be whats taking so long.

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I've been having a similar problem.


After a while I get an Backup Unavailable error though.


Similar setup. Newest gen Mac pro. 8 core 2.66 xeon, 3gigs of ram.


1 drive for system. 3 1.5tb drives in a raid 5 array for my media set. 1.3 mil files. 440Gb used. 227Gb free.


No active backups while trying to access backups.

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Do you have any programs that might be accessing the catalog file running when try to access the backup.  In my case I have CrashPlan running which causes me to wait about 15 minutes until I can actually see the files.  @Steve:  Definitely running a copy script would effect the access.

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I found a solution pretty much:

- Make the Retrospec Backup Engine not to start automatically on boot;

- Reboot the computer;

- Open Disk Utility, Scan and Repair everything on the volume where the Catalogs are stored;

- Start the Retrospect Backup Engine;

- Start Retrospect, and then it works!


It can probably be done faster or easier, but at least this worked for me.

(Two times already, since apparently something is corrupted in de Catalog-file... :( )

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