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Unable to select files to backup


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Hello, I'm using RE express 5.6.127 under Win XP Home.




I was using this under Win ME with no problem.




When I go to back up, I cannot mark the files I want. Let me explain.




When I do an immediate backup, I can create the catalog OK. I select to backup My Documents from my C: drive. My main data files are in a sub directory JCData. I have over 2 dozen folders in JC Data with thousands of files. Yet in the RE browser, only one file My outlook backup file (within one directory under JC Data) shows. I cannot "see" any other directories nor files in any browser in RE. I even tried defining JC Data as a subvolume but it still only shows My outlook backup file.




thanks for any help

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Try setting the source as your C: drive, and then using the Preview button. Can you navigate to (and browse) your JC Data directory properly?




If not, make sure you don't have two directories on your system called JC Data. You may be browsing the wrong directory. The Retrospect browser mimics the Windows Explorer browser - check the location of the files in the Windows Explorer browser and make sure you are looking at the same path in Retrospect.

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