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Media Request Error

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Retrospect prompted me to "Please insert a new tape. It will be named "3-tapename" (all data will probably fit on this tape)."




I clicked "eject" instead of "stop" and inserted a new blank dat tape.




Retrospect then asked for "2-tapename," which I reinserted.




Next, Retrospect prompted me for another new tape. "Please insert a new tape. It will be named "4-tapename."




How can I get back to a successful continuation of the back-up on "3-tapename"? It seems to have gotten confused and skipped tape 3. I don't believe anything could have been written to it.


I'm afraid to just put in another tape, thinking it may ask for another new tape to be called "5-tapename" without the real problem solved. I also don't want to skip a number in the series if possible. What can I do to correct this issue?

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Once Retrospect begins writing to a new backup set member, it is not possible to continue writing to an earlier backup set member. In your example, now that Retrospect has started Member 4, it will no longer write to Member 3. The only way around this is to do a Recycle backup which will start the entire backup over from scratch with Member 1.




Member 3 may have generated a hardware error, or may have been inadvertently marked as "missing" during the changing of tapes.




Check your backup set properties (Configure > Backup Set > Configure) and go to the Members tab - is Member 3 marked as missing? This would explain why Retrospect moved on to Member 4. If this is the case, be sure to highlight Member 3, and click the Set Found button. This will not allow Retrospect to continue writing to Member 3, it will only allow the restore of files from that tape.




Also, check your Operations Log (Cmd - L) for any errors which may explain why the backup did not continue on member 3.

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