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Restoring multiple snapshots

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I have a tape with multiple snapshots (6+). Each of these snapshots is unique, as the tape is being used for an archive of a folder which has completely new data each time the backup is run, although they are all under the same backup set.




What I want to do seems rather simple - restore the entire contents of this tape to a network share, meaning *all* of the snapshots. As it stands now, I only seem to be able to select one snapshot for restore at a time. I'll restore the earliest, then the next, then the next, etc. Due to the size of the tape and the fact I have to restore over a 100mbit ethernet link as there's not enough local storage, this is going to take considerable time, so I'd rather not have to revisit the machine 6-8 times for every tape.




Is there a way to simply specify that _all_ snapshots be restored, in other words - just dump whatever is on this tape to a network share? For the life of me such a feature would be obvious, but damned if I can find it.





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There's not a way to restore all snapshots per say, however there is a way to restore all files in the set in one proceedure.




Restore > Search for files and folders


Choose your backup set (or multiple sets)


Choose your restore destination


When the Searching & Retrieval: Searching window comes up, leave all fields blank and click OK


Hit Retrieve, and all files in the backup set will be restored.

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