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error -3405 with public folders

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the error 3405 occured when we tried to backup our public folders. The backup of the first storage group and of some mailboxes were ok.


Only the backup of the public folders was not ok. We set the debug level higher and got the following message in protocol:


TMapiManager::GetMailboxFolder: invalid mailbox 'Alle öffentlichen Ordner'.

TMBFolderLoc::StartFind: MapiReinit failed.

Durchsuchen unvollständig, Fehler -3405 (unbekannt)


It is the same situation when we want to use the button "subvolume" on public folders.


Perhaps the error has something to do with our upgrade to Retrospect version 7.6.123 yesterday?


We checked the public folders in the Exchange System Manager, too. That was ok. All public folders were available.


Some additional information:


Small Business Server 2003 SP 1

Exchange 2003 SP 2

Retrospect 7.6.123


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thanks for the reply.


It is the Administrator user of our Small Business Server.


We used this user for almost 2 years and all went ok. Update was yesterday and today, the error occured.


Is there any relation because we had to change our e-mail notification settings in Retrospect, too (port was missing at the end of our ip address). Perhaps we forget to change a setting?

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after we changed the user for access the exchange service as described in the mentioned document we notified a -1102 (drive is missing/not there).


So we use now again our Administrator user and the -1102 error is gone.


While we checked our Retrospect installation for the new -1102 error, we found a new exchange mailbox named "all public folders" (in the volume db).


Before the backup, there was only the german name "Alle öffentlichen Ordner" available. After the backup, the english name occured (the german name is still there, too) and we can backup this part of the exchange mailboxes and for now, all went fine.


Problem solved. We have now a backup of our public folders.

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